Back in May of 2018, a man was allegedly beaten up by Cardi B and Offset's security while attempting to secure an autograph after the Met Gala. The man, Giovanni Arnold, states that Cardi B and Offset were verbally abusive towards him and even issued some threats before the alleged beating. He then went on to file a lawsuit against the two but nothing has been resolved as of yet. According to The Blast, Offset is now trying to have a default judgment against him thrown out as he was accused of ignoring the original lawsuit.

In the court documents from the report, Offset alleges that he never got served the legal papers in the first place. He also talked about the allegations, saying “Mr. Cephus had no physical contact with Plaintiff and did not intend to put Plaintiff in fear of physical harm. Mr. Cephus also did not order or instruct anyone to attack Plaintiff, or authorize any such attack. In fact, Mr. Cephus did not even witness the alleged attack.”

Further on in the documents, Offset says the alleged victim had actually asked for an altercation saying things like “Please beat me up” and “I’ll take all your money.” Offset is adamant that the man is just looking for a payday and that the entire case should be thrown out immediately.

The judge for the case hasn't made a decision yet so stay tuned for any updates.