Offset's lovely Thanksgiving with his family didn't continue for as long as he hoped since the Migos rapper was hit with some questionable concerns after his social media was hacked. Before it was clear that an imposter took over his online platforms, Tekashi69's girlfriend Jade shared a video that showcased a DM from Offset claiming he missed her. Considering that Offset got caught for cheating before the move wasn't really questioned but following some homoerotic tweets it was clear Offset was not the one making his social media moves. 

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

"Somebody hacked one of my emails that's connected to all my shit and that's how I got hacked from the jump," Offset said of the hack. "I've been having a good weekend, man. I wake up to this bullshit. I'm with my family, man. I ain't on no stupid shit."

Clearly things have settled down since then and the "Clout" rapper must be back to his usual family business but he's sent out just one message on his Instagram reminding everybody to live their best life and stay away from the hate. "LETS ENJOY LIFE WITH NO NEGATIVITY," he wrote in his usual all caps, next to an image of him covering his face with cash.