An 18-year old shopping at Target chose the wrong day to assert himself. Junior Gibbons was browsing the Target aisles in Sandy Springs, Georgia this past Monday when he spotted Offset with his peripheral vision. It's at this point he is believed to have muttered, "What up, Offset?" at least once or twice with his camera phone pointed in an intrusive manner. Wrong move, Junior. Offset quickly spotted the selfie attempt, karate chopping the phone out of the teenager's hands, causing the screen to crack into pieces.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Offset's run-in with an overzealous Gibbons is similar in nature to the events that led to Conor Mcgregor's most recent arrest. If you'll recall, McGregor attacked a fan's phone, but instead of cutting himself off after the initial chop, the MMA fighter proceeded to stomp the cellular device into tiny particles once it had landed on the ground.

In Offset's case, Gibbons and his family won't be seeking a felony charge, so long as the Migos' member pays a damage deposit on the phone. Gibbons did file a police report, but that's more of a formality than an indication of where negotiations are headed.

Otherwise, Offset has been in good spirits this week. The wifey Cardi B seems to be happy if not smitten with how things are shaping up (appearances are deceiving) - and just yesterday, Offset reunited with his biological father, after 23 years of estrangement. You've got to take the good with the bad, it all balances out.