It's been two weeks now that we go into Friday expecting a new album to release only to be left with nothing. Last week, 21 Savage was expected to drop after teasing December 7 as his release date on Twitter. We now know that we can expect I Am > I Was next week. With Offset, the rapper had been hinting at December 14 as his designated date. Considering it's also his birthday, it made sense that he would drop today. However, midnight came and went without any semblance of another solo Migos album. Of course, his fans are pretty upset and confused about what's going on. With all that's happened in Offset's personal life, he may have delayed the work to tweak some things before releasing. Regardless, fans have started to direct their anger toward Cardi B on social media after the two broke up.

In Set's defence, December 14 was never officially announced as his release date. It was merely hinted at. Also, there is still a good chunk of time left in the day. He may be dropping later on as a surprise... As we wait to hear literally anything about the project, Cardi B is taking much of the blame on social media as fingers are being pointed her way for the delay. 

We'll continue to look out for any news pertaining to the album. For now, check out some reactions below.