A couple weeks ago Offset was involved in a serious crash after he swerved his car off the road trying to dodge someone in the street. The photos released of the accident shows a banged up green Challenger that really solidifies how lucky Offset is to be alive. "My boy Offset got into a bad car accident, but he doing fine, he up and running, he up and walking, ready to work," Quavo said after the event. "He should be back working real, real soon. It’s a blessing that he’s still here."

In Cardi B's since deleted tweet, she mentioned how a man was thankfully at the scene and "walked him home and just vanished." Now that Offset is seemingly much better than he was before, he tracked down the good samaritan and rewarded him with a new car. "I WANT TO THANK @jlckingcash SAVED MY LIFE WHEN I HAD MY ACCIDENT HELPED ME GET TO MY DESTINATION SAFE ON FEET HE WAS WALKING FROM WORK WHEN HE SEEN ME CLIMBING OUT MY CAR SO I BOUGHT HIM A CAR GOD IS GOOD," Offset captioned the video of his savior.

Check out the video below.