Hip-hop is currently the most dominant musical genre in the world. Rap production and vocalization have strongly influenced most other genres to integrate elements of the culture into their own mixes. This year, we even saw the infiltration of hip-hop in the country world, led by Lil Nas X's monster hit "Old Town Road." With all the buzz about hip-hop music and its underlying culture, Migos rapper Offset felt a need to speak up and remind everybody that rules are to be installed only by those who originally popularized the genre. He issued a public service announcement last night on social media.

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Out of the blue, Offset declared that, unless you're part of black culture, you have no right to dictate what happens in the world of hip-hop. "Sorry but hip hop is black culture don’t speak or give game if u don’t have black culture duh," he wrote on Twitter. "Don’t make rules on what goes in hip hop when u don’t know the history it’s pain music story music we the biggest genre in the world off our struggle and hustle yesssir proud of my people that’s all of u mad than sorry but no sorry took a lot for us to get here but we here!!!!"

He closed out the short stream of consciousness with a "#BlackExcellence" tag before logging out and letting the post marinate. Do you agree with what he said? Chime in in the comments section.