How can we take someone at their word without a polygraph? Just ask Offset, everyone stands to lose when marketing habits become ingrained on a personal level. But hear him out! Before we call their marriage (which produced the gift of life no less) let's hear his thoughts on the matter - his impending divorce from the reigning Queen of the BX, Belcalis Almanzar.

In a Tweet posted this afternoon, Offset answered back at all the "relationship experts" to have come out the woodwork when his cheating ways were exposed this past week. Everyone is guilty, even myself, of kicking a story and pushing the narrative in one direction. Look at Cuban Doll, for a minute there she was being scapegoated by Offset apologists up until this very moment. So what did Offset say..?

Did you expect any less? Offset and Cardi B have a child, the much-publicized Kulture Kiari Cephus, and regardless of the outcome of the incoming divorce resettlement, will be a part of each other's lives 'til death does them apart. Just three days ago, Momma Cardi shared the very first public images of Kulture Kiari in an Instagram post illustrative of where she will be redirecting her affection in the wake of her split with Offset.