With all the solo albums that have been released this year, some believed that the Migos would be nearing a break-up. Quavo has previously insisted that the solo projects will only help to intensify their bond. The end goal would be to put on a major arena tour as the Migos with Quavo, Takeoff, and Offsetopening up with their own material. Hopefully, they get to that point. Offset seems to be down with the plan and although we still don't have much information about his upcoming body of work, he's pledging his loyalty to the Atlanta trio on Instagram.

Andrew Toth/Getty Images

With so much history behind the group, it would be weird to see them explore full-time solo careers. Offset isn't ready for the trio to part ways, echoing Quavo's sentiment in a new social post. He uploaded a photo of all three members together, writing that they pray together and "stay together." With all that's been going on with Cardi B and Offset, the Migos rapper has been finding comfort in his music partners. The three have a major album lined up for early next year and they can use all the positive energy before then to ensure it does numbers.

We'll be seeing a lot more from the Migos moving forward. Are you excited for Culture III?