TMZ caught up with Offset on the strip and as per usual, the field reporters were able to to nab a pretty sensational headline. The topic of Kim Kardashian running for president took flight after TMZ mentioned her political activism. As you might recall, Kim Kardashian has been leading prison reform discussions with Donald Trump in his oval office. Kim is currently focused on the case of a 30-year old male who was sentenced to life in prison back in 2010 for possession of marijuana and cocaine. The reality TV magnate is not only hoping to strike a clemency deal for the convicted 30-year old, but is looking to rewrite existing policy, in retroactive effect.

Offset is basically completely behind her efforts. The Migos' member was so willing to sing her praises, that it ended with him entering her name for a future presidential campaign. "Hell yeah, I fuck with that shit. I’ve been through that shit," Offset said to TMZ about his own legal record. “Kim for president, man... She deserve to be president. Ain’t no other president doin’ that shit... And she helping’ black folks, so I fuck with that 10,000 times hard."

Offset also took a moment to tease Cardi B return to music. Check out the video (above).