We recently reported on Cardi B releasing the controversial and cinematic music video to her budding new single "Press." And much like the song, the video does not fail to make a statement and appears to be throwing shots at the rapper's current issues with the law. In the aforementioned video, Cardi did not fail to turn heads and lay bare (literally) with a set of other dancers to put on a very detailed choreography. Moreover, we spotted numerous shots of Cardi in court before the music video ended with a slew of dead bodies which appeared to have been the result of a Cardi B massacre. While we are certain the video was made as such for creative purposes only, it still shocked the world and somewhat reflected a more creative side of Cardi. The rap star later revealed she had a strong role in the creation of the video and made her directorial debut with it.

Her husband Offset was very proud of his wifey and brought his praise to Instagram. In a post, the rapper's husband captioned and shared a photo of his wife: "PRESS VIDEO OUT NOW. SHE IS SO CREATIVE. SHE PUTS SO MUCH EMOTION & HEART IN VIDEO." Offset surely knows how to support his wifey.