Their blended family has caused their home to be overflowing with the laughter of children, and while it isn't always easy for couples to introduced kids from previous relationships into their new unions, Offset recently said Cardi B has made it easy. Just ahead of Father's Day weekend, Offset visited Ellen and sang his wife's praises over her stepmother duties.

The Migos rapper and Cardi share a two-year-old daughter, Kulture, but Offset also has three other children: Jordan, 11, Kalea, 6, and Kody, 6. He spoke about how Cardi usually surprises him for Father's Day.

Cardi B, Offset, Children
Rich Fury / Staff / Getty Images

"She usually surprises me with an expensive gift, man. That's how it usually goes," Offset said. "She always just give me love... My other kids who ain't hers... [she] gives them love the same way. It's a beautiful thing." However, more valuable than any designer present is the ability to spend time with his kids.

"Being able to see them all at once just running around, it's beautiful. Just with the family [having] family time," Offset shared. "It's wild, man. It's non-stop. 'Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! I want to do this! If he's doing something, I want to do it! He ain't pass the controller! He's playing the game too long! He won't give me my iPad! He's watching the iPad too long!... But they love each other so much."

He also shared life lessons he likes to instill in his children. "I want them to understand that they got to work hard. Life is not easy... I want them to respect the moral of life, respect other people, and not act so spoiled... I have real-life conversations with them," he said. "Sometimes they ask, 'I want this, this, that'... I don't say yes to everything. Mostly because I didn't have it."

Check out a clip below.