Cardi B and Offset's relationship has been filled with rumors since they began dating. As they live a very public lifestyle, fans are curious about their relationship, having grown accustomed to them in the spotlight. Offset praised his fiancé in the liner notes to Culture II, Migos' most recent album and Cardi B repaid the favor on her Instagram story. During his 'thank you's' for the project, Offset focused on his family, thanking the usual subjects: his mom, grandparents, kids and, of course, God. He continued by praising Cardi, writing, "Thank you to my love Cardi B." 

Running with the written displays of public affection, Cardi B took it upon herself to thank her partner for the praise in a new addition to her Instagram story. She responded to the message saying, "And I'm soo thankful for you." The starlet added, "Always pushing me to work harder and get my shit together." She then hit him with the weirdest, half-cute-half-creepy line: "You like my third parent." Pause.

Nevertheless, it's amazing to see the two of them being supportive of one another. One of the greatest things about love is when your partner empowers you to become a better version of yourself, helping you improve so you can glow together. Offset and Cardi are on their way.