Yesterday night, Offset found himself staging an impromptu "Ask Me Anything" of sorts, fielding a variety of questions from his followers. His candid nature led to an assortment of interesting revelations, including a notable co-sign of a hip-hop superstar. When asked whether he'd collaborate with Eminem if given the chance, Offset was quick to shout out Slim. "Hell yea real legend," he writes, proving that real recognize real.

While Migos have undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the game, dominant criticism aimed at the group was one of oversaturation. The original plan was to release Culture 3 at the onset of 2019, but Offset has since revealed a change of plans. The rapper confirmed that the final installment would be arriving in 2020, giving fans room to miss the iconic trifecta all the more. He also made it clear that the solo wave is taking a backseat, as to focus exclusively on "gang shit."

Luckily, it won't be a complete Migos drought, as Offset has full intentions of continuing one of his beloved projects. When asked about a sequel to Without Warning, Offset confirmed the second chapter of his 21 Savage & Metro Boomin endeavor was "one hundred percent probable."  

Not everything was about music, however. Offset also opened up about a few personal revelations. Never one to spare the sexuality, he dubbed his favorite food to be "Bardi," before getting serious about his relationship with Cardi B. "It’s the best thing thathappen to me I became a better responsible man for my kids and all," he explains, before revealing his favorite moment with baby Kulture. "As of now her first smile when I noticed she has beautiful dimples," shares Offset, the proud Father Of 4. For more revelations, check out his Twitter page now. Respect to the Migos rapper for holding it down for the fans!