Cardi B is really keeping us on our toes when it comes to the arrival of new music. Yesterday she told us that she had to miss two days of recording since Kulture's cute baby eyes were pleading for her not to go and before that she assured us new music would arrive at the beginning of September, but she's clearly missed the mark. 

"There's about 5 songs that I was supposed to put on Invasion of Privacy but they didn't fit and make sense. So I'm gonna put it on this project that I really want to put it out on September 1st but I'm missing like 4 or 5 songs,” she previously said. “I got 4 or 5 songs I gotta finish for this project and I got like 6 features I still got to do [for other artists]."

If there's one person's opinion we can count on it would be her husband Offset and by the looks of it, he's a major fan of Cardi's upcoming single. The "Ring" music maker shared a screenshot of Offset's reaction via text after hearing it and clearly, he was speechless only sending emojis to express his feelings. 

We can't say when the track will officially arrive, but it's gotta be just around the corner.