Video footage has surfaced over night of an old traffic stop in which Offset was involved in back in March. It happened in Sandy Springs, GA outside Atlanta when a police officer pulled Offset over for speeding.

As seen by the cops camera, things start off on the wrong foot when Offset asks the cop to turn his flashlight off and gets a stern “no.” After respectfully spelling out his name for the officer, Offset asks why he got pulled over, to which the cop said he was doing 60 MPH in a 35 speed zone, along with failure to maintain in his lane. However from the looks of it, Offset was buying the cops reasoning for pulling him over.

Later, the cop returns to give Offset 3 citations and one warning for obstruction of tags on his vehicle. Mad about the police encounter, Offset accuses the officer of being mad he's in a nice car and suggests the officers kids would be disappointed in him. He even says he’s going to beat the tickets in court, but it turns out he didn’t go. According to documents, Offset paid the $470 in fines for speeding and failure to maintain his lane, along with $100 for missing a hearing in the case. His citation for not having a license was luckily dismissed.

Check out Offset’s old traffic stop (below).