Last year, Offset was involved in a terrifying car crash. When he shared an image of his wrecked car, you knew just how destructive the damage was. We could have lost the Migos rapper on that day after he swerved and hit a tree. Since then, Set has released his solo debut Father Of 4, and during an interview with DJ Clue, he discussed his thoughts from the moment directly after he hit the tree.

"The first thing I thought when I crashed was get out the car ... and don't panic, because I know a lot of people die when they panic," said Offset. He joked that he was able to slide out of the passenger side door to get out, attributing his success to how "skinny" he is. He says that the airbag left bumps on his face, knocking out one of his bottom teeth as well. The steering wheel was jammed tightly against his chest. 

"I remember there was so much blood and my face was just burning," said the rapper, recounting the moment he got out of the car. When the Good Samaritan approached him to ask if he was okay, Offset says that he automatically went on the defensive. "I'm on defense mode because I'm like, 'If he sees that it's me, he might try to take something'," says the Migos star. Eventually, he was helped back to his Atlanta home, which was about a quarter mile away, before running upstairs to Cardi B and asking to be driven to the hospital. Watch him discuss the crash at the 27:20 mark.