Offset promised to give us his life on his debut album Father Of 4 which finally arrived this morning. The rapper revealed a lot about his personal life on his project from his marital problems to his children but what the topics he didn't address on the project, he did on GQ's latest episode of "Actually Me."

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Offset is the latest artist to go undercover on the Internet. The rapper fielded questions about his money, jewelry, new music and of course, Cardi B. One Twitter user asked if Cardi calls Offset by his rap name in real life, saying that if she did, it would be "weird af."

"You know what? She calls me Offset all the time. You know what's weird? When she calls me Kiari. 'Cause when she calls me Kiara, the temperature is like... ya know what I'm sayin'? Just not a good moment when she calls me my real name," he said. "But yeah, she call me Offset, for sure. It's not weird to me, I rather you call me Offset."

Offset also revealed why he and the rest of the Migos weren't fans of SNL's skit with Childish Gambino.

"We didn't like that skit because it was, like, total opposite of the Migos," he said. "And then I felt like it was interpreted like we was some dodo birds. Like, making us go against each other... I didn't really feel that. We weren't really feeling it."

Peep the full episode below.