Offset wears many different hats. He's a father above everything else but he can also call himself a successful musician and now, a model. It's New York Fashion Week and that means that we'll be getting to see all of our favorite stars decked out in the most extravagant looks from the upcoming season. While runway looks can often be a little too crazy to actually wear on the street, the Migos can somehow pull off the most insane fashion ensembles that many wouldn't even dare touch. Representing the trio well during NYFW, Offset actually stepped on the runway to showcase his drip firsthand for shop buyers and A-listers to witness at the Jeremy Scott show and the look he was presenting didn't disappoint.

Offset (and the rest of his Migos compadres) have a thing for neon colors so Jeremy Scott's stylings make a lot of sense when you put some thought into it. He is one of the most eccentric designers around and with a weird (but fascinating) tribute to Pikachu this season, Offset put on a show while strutting down the catwalk. He wore a pink sweater with the Pokemon character emblazoned throughout with blue leather pants and flashy green rain boots. Definitely a look that you won't see many rocking in the streets. The rapper was confident as his wife Cardi B, her sister Hennessy Carolina and Quavo were all in attendance to show love.

Considering we've seen Migos dressing in the most bizarre looks for years without it becoming much of a talking point, this isn't much of a stretch for Set. Is this a look you'd cop for yourself?