Offset has been teasing a solo album for a long time now and it appeared as though it was going to be released in 2018, but after his public breakup with Cardi B, the album was ultimately delayed. The Migos rapper was most recently in Paris for fashion week and did an interview with i-D, where Offset talked about his career, Migos' rise to fame, and his upcoming album.

When asked about if we would get a title soon, Offset said not a chance and that he wants everything to be a bit of a surprise.

Per i-D:

"Yes, I am releasing a solo record. And no, you can’t get a title. Nowadays, we’re drowned in a constant flow of information. You get tons of content without having to do a thing, it’s just getting to you non-stop. I want my album to come out when the time is right, and the way I see it a title is already one piece of information too many. I don’t want people to be projecting anything into it before the album’s even out, whether it’s their wishes or their opinions. I take my time because I want to be sure it all makes sense."

In other Offset news, it appears as though he and his wife Cardi B are back together and attempting to work things out.

Are you excited for Offset's new album?