Offset might be a victim of his own demise, but he sure as hell isn't going to shoulder the blame all by himself. You're caught up with the story. Cardi B sends out a press release confirming their split, and before you know it, all the dominoes come falling down one after the other, prompting no reaction whatsoever from Offset. To be fair, there wasn't much he could say - he was caught dead in his tracks with the cheat mode settings on full blast. So why is Offset throwing the rest of the groomsmen under the bus, instead of accepting his faults?

Offset aired the words "N****s Ain't Slick" on his Instagram storyboard, perhaps as a way of admitting defeat. Although he left some room for interpretation, I can't "unsee" an element of self-sabotage in his humor. Let that be a lesson to the groomsmen who lie ahead in the order: "you're never too smart to weasel your way out of a Dragnet."

Whether or not Offset chooses to show remorse in the public discourse, the split does appear to have its perks too. For one, Offset is free to sleep around "willy-nilly" like a rabbit on the moon - and secondly, there's an unsubstantiated rumor circulating the Web that Offset is on the "right side" of a prenuptial agreement worth up to $50 million.