Apparently, NBA All-Star weekend is just as much about the strippers as it is about the basketball players. It's clear that the weekend's events promote ditching the competitive spirit of the regular season in favor of some more lighthearted fun, but the extent of the partying that goes on may be a lesser known fact. For all those out of the loop, TMZ just gave us some inside scoop about what goes down at the after-hour All-Star celebrations. 

Offset All-Star game weekend after-party strip club
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

As TMZ put it, "NBA All-Star Weekend is like an annual Super Bowl for the strippers." Strippers fly across the country to whichever city happens to be hosting the year's All-Star game in hopes of offering their services at its top strip clubs. Some clubs require dancers to pay fees of $300 to $350 per night to be added to their roster. Other clubs recruit women from other states to ensure their patrons receive the best possible entertainment. Considering the large sums of cash these customers come prepared to dispense, it's important to keep them pleased. Sources over at Ocean Gentleman's Club, Factory and Club O detailed that each club will have $450,000 in single dollar bills waiting to be tossed in the air. 

Offset was enlisted to host one of the biggest affairs of the weekend - Ocean Gentleman's Club's Sunday night party after the All-Star Game. Turntable legend Kid Capri hosted that club's Saturday night bash. Based on Offset's birthday celebrations back in December, we know he's capable of tearing down a club and leaving its floor carpeted in cash.