Fortnite has been the biggest game in the world for over a year. If you don't play it yourself, there's a high chance that one of your friends is obsessed with it. The Battle Royale game is absolutely free to play but still, Epic Games has earned boatloads of money through their in-game shop. At the height of its popularity, the game was popular among rappers. Any given evening, you could sign onto Twitch and catch DJ Akademiks playing along with your favourite mumble rappers. Even Drake and Travis Scott joined in on the fun at one point, playing with Ninja. Offset never truly got into the craze though because he's too busy putting himself into real war-like situations. That's right; Offset has proudly declared that he is Call Of Duty gang for life.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

While he fiddled around with his controller online with a couple of buddies, Cardi B asked him if he ever played Fortnite. The Migos rapper came through with a passionate "no," explaining in detail why he doesn't mess with the hype. "That shit for kids, that shit wack," said Offset. "I like Call Of Duty. Getcho ass in the field, real gang. If you gon' die, you gon' die. All that building up [in Fortnite] that ain't real life."

He went on to trash the game further, insisting that only children play it. While there is definitely a high number of teens and kids on the Fortnite servers, there is also an abundance of grown ass men and women playing every day. What do you think of Fortnite? Is it dead?