Despite having a baby on the way with fiancee Cardi B, rapper Offset has been dealing with a whole other kind of baby drama recently, and it might be more serious than he imagined.

It was reported in December that Instagram model Celina Powell was claiming that Offset was the father to her unborn child, a claim which he has repeatedly denied. Last week she announced that she was going to prove her claims by having Offset undergo a paternity test, and she formally served him with the request. Now, Powell has posted the results of the test online in a now-deleted Instagram post, as well as a video of her reading the results, and Offset might not like what he sees.

The test states that there is a "99.99% probability that the Obligor (Offset) is the biological father of the child."

That's bad news for Offset, who probably doesn't want to have to deal with two babies at the same time. There may be a sliver of hope for him, however, as the Twitter detectives are on the case, and they don't think that Powell's paternity test adds up. 

According to HipHopDX, numerous Twitter users have found inconsistencies with the test itself, as well as Powell's alleged history of this kind of behavior. One tweet notices that the word "individual" is misspelled in the results, leading to claims that the whole thing is photoshopped. The date of the test also doesn't allegedly match the time frame in which Powell supposedly served Offset the papers during a show in Colorado. She also apparently has a history of giving rappers paternity tests, including sending one to Chief Keef last march. 

What do you think, should Offset surrender his child support, or is Powell scheming for his riches? See the test results and some damning tweets below.