Offset's baby mama, Shya L'Amour, decided to use a Nicki Minaj soundbite in a recent TikTok video that seems to be directed at Cardi B. The mother of Offset's five-year-old daughter, Kalea, is currently in the middle of a legal battle with the rapper as she attempts to acquire more child support from him. Shya, whose real name is Nicole Algarin, has accused Offset of failing to financially support his daughter and even withholding payments because Shya refused to have sex with him. She went on to expose him last week for attempting to cheat on Cardi while she was pregnant with Kulture, by leaking alleged texts from Offset where he was begging her for sex. Shya went on to address the situation in a since-deleted Instagram post, revealing that Cardi, has been just as "disrespectful" to her, even threatening to "smack" her on multiple occasions.

Offset cardi b shya l’amour Nicole Algarin baby mama message nicki minaj tiktok videoAmy Sussman/Getty Images

While neither Offset nor Cardi have publicly responded to Shya, she seemed to be referencing the whole ordeal in a recent TikTok video. Shya decided to use an audio snippet of Cardi's former nemesis, Nicki Minaj, from her famous CRWN interview in 2018 where she discussed how people in the industry were trying to end her career. In the soundbite, Nicki declares, "You can't get rid of me, b*tch! I'm not going nowhere. I'm not going no f*cking where." 

Shya mouthed along to the audio in the TikTok video, and added the caption, "When everybody in his ear trying to convince him to leave you alone." Do you think this was Shya's attempt at taking a jab at Cardi and Offset, by using a cutting quote from Cardi's former foe?


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