Yesterday, Offset shared a photo of two of his children, gushing over them on social media. As he aims to spend his holidays with Cardi B and baby Kulture, he's spending some time before all the madness begins with his older children. Of course, he makes sure that they stay dripping at all times. They are children of one of the Migos, after all. In an adorable video posted online, Offset's son Kody is feeling himself as he peeps his outfit in the mirror, repeatedly yelling that he looks "fresh."

The moment was captured on camera as Kody yelled, "I'm fresh man, I'm fresh man, I'm fresh!" The little boy is rocking a full Gucci suit as his polo features the signature colors of the brand: green and red witha bee emblem. He's also wearing matching Gucci Ace sneakers and a belt from the luxury designer. Ah, the joys of being rich.

Offset has been dominating the headlines recently and although we're still missing any updates about his album, he's been a little more active on social media after shortly disappearing last week. Hopefully, we find out soon when the project will actually be dropping. For now, let's all enjoy Offset's son recognizing just how fly he is.