OG Maco has involved himself in another Twitter controversy. It began this evening when he replied to a tweet sent out by XXL linking to an article about Lil Uzi Vert, who hails from Philly but is now based in Atlanta, where he has achieved immense popularity. XXL's tweet read, "Lil Uzi Vert is rap's newest rock star." Maco responded by linking to a Rolling Stone article, published in November 2014, about himself -- the headline reading, "Viral 'U Guessed It' Rapper Is Atlanta's Newest Rock Star." 

Maco then followed up by writing, "N*ggas don't just become rockstars. Somebody gotta show you the way. Stop playin with my name." The attached photo is blurry but seems to show a picture of Uzi and Maco together on stage at NYC venue Webster Hall. 

Noted Twitter personality DJ Akademiks caught wind of Maco's potentially provocative tweets and asked the Quality Control rapper, "You paved the way for Uzi?" Maco responded by writing, "Without a doubt," going on to reveal that QC boss Coach K had tried to sign Uzi to no avail. Though Uzi didn't sign, Maco believes that he "kept the sauce." 

Maco then suggested that "it's all love" between him and Uzi, before remarking, "I find it incredible that you 'journalists' don't notice I'm being recreated over and over." Thus ensued a back and forth between him Akademiks, during which Maco posited that Uzi's success has "nothing to do with musical consistency and everything to do with idiocy." He also implied the superiority of his yet-to-be-released debut album, Children of the Rage, to Uzi's Luv Is Rage mixtape, released last October. 

Lil Uzi Vert was late to the dispute, but he finally noticed Maco's comments and responded to the tweet accusing him of stealing the Quality Control sauce. "Boy stop it I came out there for two days and knew that's where I ain't wanna be fuck with y'all but I knew I was cool," wrote Uzi. 

Uzi then took issue with Maco's tweet that seemingly involved Atlanta rapper Reese in the situation. He felt that Maco began his rant in order to side with Reese, whom Uzi is apparently beefing with. Uzi went on to refer to Reese as "this clown I punched on already."

Of course, now Reese has entered the heated exchange. After denying that Uzi has ever touched him, Reese went on to follow Maco's lead by taking credit for the success of Uzi's movement.