Of all the projects that Quality Control has undertaken as a label, they have been extremely successful with the majority of them. The Migos have become one of the largest rap groups of all time and Lil Yachty is making serious noise as one of the most original voices in Atlanta. Their newest venture is to grow Lil Baby into a star and his Harder Than Ever album looks to be just the start for him. For some reason, some rappers under Coach K and Pee's tutelage have not achieved the success that they feel they deserve with Skippa da Flippa shading his label earlier this year. Now, OG Maco is speaking out on his cultural impact, noting that QC is known for "sabotaging careers."

The rant began when a fan innocently asked if Maco was still signed to QC as we have not heard from the Atlanta artist in a while. Before tearing his label a new one, Maco confirmed he was still with Quality Control before adding, "Why? Who knows." This was not the end of the "U Guessed It" rapper's tweet spree though as he reposted several fans claiming that he "made SoundCloud rap mainstream" and comparing him to Kid Cudi in terms of popularizing a musical style. Maco went a step further by attacking his label, saying that they have "sabotaged MULTIPLE careers" and affirming that he will not drop any projects under their guidance.

With both Skippa and Maco speaking out against the label, QC will likely have some explaining to do. When weighing the success stories they can celebrate, there are also a number of QC failures due to a lack of marketing and attention. What do you make of OG Maco's recent claims?