OJ Simpson has lived a very interesting life and it's not exactly all for the right reasons. The man has been accused of some fairly heinous crimes although he was acquitted of them over 20 years ago. While some people have moved on, others still live with the pain and sorrow that came with Simpson's alleged crimes. A couple of years ago, Simpson was released from prison after serving nine years for a completely unrelated crime.

Since exiting prison, OJ has been delving deep into his passions such as golf and fantasy football. He also recently made a Twitter account where he posts videos of himself giving opinions on various topics that interest him. According to TMZ, OJ's latest exploits were documented at the Sand Dollar Lounge in Las Vegas where he can be seen dancing it up with two women who seem pretty amazed by his presence.

Considering what OJ has been accused of in the past, it's quite surprising to see so many people giving him this rockstar treatment but alas, it's 2019 and we live in a society. Apparently, this is the kind of treatment he gets everywhere he goes so he must be doing something right these days. When you have a certain level of celebrity, you can pretty well be adored by anyone.