It didn't take long for things to get WEIRD on Twitter the moment O.J. Simpson joined the circus. It as appears as though an imposter has duplicated O.J. Simpson's entire profile down to the decibel. To the naked eye, there isn't much that stands between the clone accounts - @TheReaIOJ32. The PSA that sits atop the banner is a carbon copy, as well as the timestamp that comes with it.

Besides "confessing" to Nicole Brown's murder in so few words, the Twitter imposter also makes allusions to wanting to meet R. Kelly, other women on the prowl, and Kris Jenner, for a second chance at lovemaking. Just last week, Simpson spoke about his newfound reclusiveness in a tell-all conversation with the Associated Press. Before airing the interview, O.J. had gone on the record in stating that he and Kris Jenner were bedfellows in a previous lifetime, as the imposter was quick to point out. If anything, it's worth pointing out the clone job before it festers any longer. The 25th anniversary of Nicole Brown's death is a delicate subject to many, and it would be in everyone's best interest if the Twitter watchdogs took notice, sooner than later.