Learning from your mistakes is an important quality, and apparently is one that former Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly does not have. After getting roasted by former porn star Mia Khalifa back in September of 2016 for trying to slide into her DMs, he apparently decided enough time had passed (roughly a month) and tried again. Yesterday reports began circulating that Chad Kelly had been disinvited from the NFL’s upcoming draft scouting combine, and Khalifa took the opportunity to roast Kelly for a third time.

Here’s roast #1:

And roast #2:

And finally, roast #3:

While we don’t think Kelly got disinvited to the combine because of his DM debacles, it still isn’t a good look. Kelly has managed to refrain from responding to the diss, probably because he and his agent are trying to figure out how he got invited and then uninvited from the NFL draft combine. His agent has suggested it’s a marketing strategy by the NFL, which seems pretty far-fetched. Hopefully Kelly finds his way onto an NFL roster, because we’d hate to see what his Twitter fingers do with all that free time.