Olivia Culpo had a very public break up with NFL wide receiver Danny Amendola a while ago and since then, the two have moved on. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model immediately found herself swooning after Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey back in May when she reportedly liked an IG photo of his. McCaffrey quickly returned the favor which led to speculation that both parties were on the verge of dating. Well, it appears as though this could be the case as the two are reportedly spending time together, according to US Weekly

Amendola doesn't seem to be worried too much about his ex as he has already moved on and is talking to new people.

“Danny has been talking to and texting other girls,” a source told US Weekly. “He tells people that Olivia wanted to get married and he basically self-sabotaged their relationship because he didn’t want that. There were a few times where they broke up and got back together, but they just don’t work well together.”

Amendola was pretty salty after their break up as he unleashed on Culpo in a now-deleted Instagram rant where he said she was only in it for the fame. Julian Edelman even chimed in at the time, telling Amendola to get off of social media.