Every year, Sports Illustrated draws the attention of men everywhere as they deliver their Swimsuit Issue that features some of the most beautiful women in the world. This year, Tyra Banks, Camille Kostek, and Alex Morgan were the three cover models, while a plethora of others got to be featured within the pages. Actress Olivia Culpo was amongst one of the models in the Banks issue and had some pretty racy photos taken of her. Today, Sports Illustrated posted a video on their Instagram account which shows some behind the scenes footage of Culpo's shoot.

One of the most striking scenes from the whole thing is when she posed topless with a snake draped over her. Culpo must have had nerves of steel during that whole scenario as snakes aren't anything to mess with, especially when they're being placed on you.

"It was amazing," Culpo said via Daily Mail. 'There are some pretty cool photos where it looks like I'm just being covered by a snake, so I think the photos are going to be awesome. When I was holding the python I was definitely nervous and then I'm really nervous just leading up to it because I want to make sure that I'm doing everything I can to feel the best and hopefully make the best picture. So there's a lot of pressure for sure."

We're sure Culpo was relieved to get the snake off of her, although props to her for doing anything to get the picture right.