Photoshoots have begun for the 2019 instalment of the yearly (and relevant-to-sports) Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. This one will feature, among others, Olivia Culpo and a snake. The model posed on a beach on Kangaroo Island off the south coast of Australia and was photographed by Josephine Clough:

The preview of the shoot included the above photo plus two videos, the first of which shows Culpo in a robe holding a hot water bottle and tea to stay warm, a moment which she describes as "[her] dreams painted into reality," like "[she isn't] really here."

The second video is a much more traditional one, with Culpo shifting her hips back and forth while the photographer and her assistant repeat the word "beautiful and sayings like "keep those smiley eyes," even once asking her to spread her arms out so that we can see the snake better.