As Fizz and Apryl Jones flaunt their newfound love for the world, since they've finally confirmed that they're indeed in a relationship on a recent episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Omarion's name has been placed at the forefront of conversations. Omarion was once featured on L&HHH years ago with Apryl and has two kids with her, and presently the tides have turned as his B2K bandmate is now living with Apryl and Omarion's children. 

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

It seems as if Omarion has been able to handle the news in stride—at least publicly—because he hasn't spoken about his ex in the media, although, she can't seem to stop sharing information about his alleged "mean" and neglectful ways. The recent B2K reunion tour was a massive success for the group, but it's unclear if there is too much tension between members to see them hit the road once again.

Omarion recently sat down with Vlad TV and shared what led up to B2K fizzling out the first time around. According to the singer, the group broke up while they were out on tour, but there was a heated fight that happened at the amphitheater at Universal Studios that put the nail in the coffin. Omarion said that things didn't become physical, but they were just up to the point where fists were almost thrown. He didn't blame any one person for the breakup but he did share that his quest for a solo career was a contributing factor. Watch Omarion break it down below.