The COVID-19 pandemic is the cause for tens of thousands of closed businesses and a lengthy list of canceled concerts. Last year, fans were excited to storm venues in order to catch B2K back together and performing for The Millennium Tour. It was a massive success and even prompted Omarion to headline The Millennium Tour 2 with Bow Wow, but coronavirus sidelined those plans following a worldwide quarantine. In the meantime, Omarion inked a deal with the Zeus Network for the series The Millennium Tour Live Concert Featuring B2K, but in the end, the deal hasn't worked out the was he saw fit.

Zeus is widely known for its unscripted series with Blac Chyna,Ray J, Princess Love, Joseline Hernandez, Lyrica Anderson, A1 Bentley, and soon, Draya Michele. As a growing network, Zeus and its founder Lemuel Plummer have been partnering with entertainers to add to the brand, but Omarion has set some heavy accusations against the network.

According to The Blast, Omarion has sued Plummer and Zeus for "breach of contract, fraud, and various other claims." In their agreement, Zeus was supposed to “share all subscriber data, and pay Plaintiff a set amount of every monthly subscription fee earned by Zeus for subscribers drawn to Zeus primarily by Plaintiff and/or the Content (a Monthly Revenue Share).” However, Omarion claims that he's been defrauded.

“The Defendants almost immediately began engaging in conduct which breached the Agreement and showed that the Defendants had never intended to honor the Agreement," his court documents reportedly reads. "During negotiations, the Defendants made the below statements to Plaintiff for the express purpose of inducing Plaintiff to sign the Agreement. All of these statements were fraudulent and the Defendants never had any intention of honoring them as evidenced by their immediate breach and refusal to follow the Agreements terms after Zeus received the Content it desired.”

Zeus is accused of delivering altered reports that "deprive" him of his fair share and the singer is seeking $200K in damages. At the time of this publication, Zeus has yet to respond to the allegations against them.