Last week Omarion announced a B2K reunion tour featuring himself, Boog, Fizz, Raz B, Mario, Pretty Ricky, Lloyd, Bobby V, Ying Yang Twins, and Chingy. The tour dates have yet to come through, but the announcement alone got people jumpin'.

Omarion followed up on the exciting news with a little joke of his own, listing some strict rules attendees had to oblige. For instance, men were expected to wear "Air Force 1s, Untied Durags, Throwback Jerseys, baggy jeans two sizes too big" while women would have to wear "bubble coats with fur are all the rage, as well as Throwback Jersey "dresses," and velour tracksuits two sizes too big." 

The rules were obviously a joke and now Omarion has caught up with TMZ to explain in full that everyone's invited - but they can wear the listed attire if they so please. 

"The fans have been relentless in their pursuit of wanting to get this concert going and finally it's time," he told TMZ, as seen in the video below. "Everyone is invited but if you're feeling two-thousand, you know, you could drip. You could put your durag on you could come as you are."

Watch his full explanation below.