Things erupted into a straight-up brawl right before halftime during the Florida Gators versus Missouri Tigers game. As reported by 24/7 Sports, Florida quarterback Kyle Trask was absolutely drilled on a late hit by Missouri defensive lineman Trajan Jeffcoat. Soon after, both teams started to push and get aggressive on their way into the locker rooms. 

Things descended into madness from there, and Florida defensive lineman Zachary Carter could be seen at the center of it. He threw multiple punches, but also caught several in return, with Missouri linebacker Chad Bailey being one of the opposing aggressors. Even the coaches were out of line; Gators coach Dan Mullen was caught in a shouting match with Tigers coach Eli Drinkwitz. 

Officials were finally able to calm both teams down and separate the brawl. Florida and Missouri receive a team-wide unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, which meant any other penalty was subject to ejection. Also, Carter was ejected from the game as well as freshmen defensive lineman Antwaun Powell and Missouri's Tre Williams. Tons of fans took to social media to call out the NCAA and comment on the crazy situation.