According to a TMZ report, a shootout erupted in the usually-quiet Hollywood Hills neighborhood early this morning between Fashion Nova CEO Richard Saghian's security and a team of attempted robbers, culminating in one casualty. The three suspects reportedly stalked Saghian's Rolls Royce through the hills until they reached the CEO's house. Saghian was able to safely enter his home before the shooting started. One of the suspects passed away at the scene from a gunshot wound and another was sent to the hospital in critical condition. One security guard (a retired sheriff's deputy) was shot and remains at the hospital. 

The altercation started before security was called, however, when the suspects ordered two men in the Rolls Royce to get on the ground and give up their jewelry. Saghian had already made it inside his home where he then informed the security of his situation. A source says it's still unclear whether Saghian was specifically targeted or was only followed because of the expensive Rolls that he was driving. Witnesses say that they heard over 10 gunshots ring out near the CEO's household on Blue Jay Way. 

The injured security guard was found under a car in a neighbor's driveway and was taken to the hospital. 

The suspects-- one dead, one injured, and one unharmed-- fled in their Audi but was cornered by LAPD at the Beverly Hills border after suffering a flat tire. The police are currently trying to connect this incident with similar robberies in the area over past months.