Oprah ain't one with the fuckery. During an interview she did earlier today on Facebook Live, the talk show mogul revealed she isn`t open to a Kanye West presidency - and won't even confirm she'd rather Kanye be POTUS than the one-and-horny Donald Trump.

The conversation swerved that way during a lightning round of this-or-that type questions. When interviewer Lucy Kaylin asked Oprah to choose between "President Trump or President Kanye," the lovable billionaire replied, "Oh Lord, don't even imagine it."

Check out the full conversation in the video below, around the 51 minute mark.

For some context, Oprah officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for POTUS only a few days ago. She did so in an appearance on the "T.D. Jakes Show." In her endorsement, Oprah criticizes those who don't support Clinton solely because they "don't like her." Peep the footage below.