Oprah Winfrey has come through for Atlanta's Morehouse College since donating a whopping $13 million to the historically black college, marking the largest endowment in the college's history, CNN reports. Oprah began the 'Oprah Winfrey Scholars Program' at the all men's school in 1989 and her $13 million donations adds to the already existing $12 million in the fund. 

Rachel Luna/Getty Images

"Seeing you young Oprah Winfrey scholars here today has moved me deeply," she said during yesterday's visit to the campus. "I am so proud of you, I'm proud of everybody in attendance at this school who is seeking to know more clearly who you are, the value you hold and how you will share that value with the rest of the world."

Oprah's program with the school has funded more than 600 scholars, most notably Birmingham, Alabama's mayor Randall Woodfin who was elected in 2017 and became the youngest mayor in the city's history. 

"I'm grateful to Oprah Winfrey for her generosity," Morehouse President David A. Thomas said. "I am also feeling hopeful for Morehouse and what it has garnered in terms of philanthropic support with gifts like Oprah's and Robert Smith's. I am hopeful that this will also get others to step up with their support of Morehouse, but even more broadly, historically black colleges and universities."