On Wednesday (Jan. 6), disgruntled Trump supporters marched on Capitol Hill in what became a historical riot. The mob stormed the capitol buildings, and were able to infiltrate the office of Nancy Pelosi and congress chambers. As the FBI continues to round up the mobsters, who are being charged for a number of crimes, TMZ was able to uncover footage of a similar event last month. 

Many American's found it weird that these mobsters were able to so easily get into federal buildings during peak hours. Videos of police and security being somewhat lax or even posing for pictures with mobsters have hit the web. A video of Oregon's Republican State Representative Mike Nearman letting a mob of Trumpers into their state capitol building in December is helping to power to narrative that the same instance occurred in Washington DC.

In the video. you can see Nearman leave the building while allowing the Trumpers to run into the door in his wake. He doesn't necessarily look like he let them in on purpose, however, it doesn't really look like he tried to stop them as they blatantly stormed inside within a second of hi m  departing either. Does this look suspicious to you?