In 2016, Blizzard Entertainment released Overwatch, and it became an overnight success. The multiplayer, first-person shooter was commended by fans for its character-based gameplay. With a roster of over 20 "heroes", it encouraged friends to play together and play as a team. The critically-acclaimed video game is introducing its latest hero, the armored heroine Brigitte.

The unveiling comes to us in the form of an origin story video. Brigitte is the daughter of the hero, Torbjorn. The video was teased with an earlier blog post on Overwatch's site. The post was a letter from Torbjorn to his wife, Ingrid; a subtle nod to the eventual Brigitte revelation. Having watched her father forge weapons all her life, the new hero's goal is to repair heroes' armor during battle. This diverges from her father's penchant for weapons. 

In a "Developer Update" video with game director Jeff Kaplan, he goes through some of her abilities including the "Rocket Flail", "Barrier Shield", and "Repair Pack". Her ultimate ability, "Rally" is true to her nature and applies armor to her teammates within range. The 27th hero is said to already be on servers, and will make her debut soon.