It's been a minute since we got any new music from OVO's DVSN but that just means they're saving their best sounds for their upcoming sophomore album that's on the way. The duo that's comprised of Daniel Daley and Nineteen85 played a set at this weekend's Coachella and followed up by confirming that their third studio album is coming soon. 

The last project we received from the Toronto bred music makers was 2017's Morning After and before that was 2016's Sept. 5th. There's no word on when the upcoming tape will arrive or what it will explore, but we do know that both Daniel and his leading producer don't mind being known for making sex music.

"We just didn't think it would define us as much as it has," 85 previously stated. "Now people are almost surprised when we show other sides of what we can do. It's like, Whoa we thought you guys only made bedroom music. Even some of the songs on the first project we didn't realize would be taken as sexy."

Keep it locked on the site for more updates surrounding the tap and watch their Coachella set below.