Ride-hailing and ride-sharing companies have effectively destroyed the taxi business in several cities around the world. As technology becomes more efficient, companies are finding ways to cut out the middleman to connect consumers straight with the product (think Air BnB over hotels). Uber and Lyft allow drivers to work for them, while allowing them to pick their hours and work independently. Combining the easy service with an equally simple app has birthed one of the most lucrative transportation industries today.

Pamela Anderson has spoken out against ride-hailing companies in the past, and in a new ad acquired by TMZthe busty blonde takes another swing at ride-sharing. The ad draws influence from Batman's underground lair in The Dark Knight. A young man ascends down into the all-white secret lair, where he begins a job interview for a ride-share company.

"So, I think you're gonna love this gig, you get a chance to meet a lot of people," Anderson begins as "The Closer." "It's really very easy, you get to sit all day. Besides, you look very strong, and healthy. So no need for Health Insurance." The ad points out the fact that ride-share companies do not provide benefits or health care for their employees, who can be working full time. Speaking with TMZ, Anderson stated, "Ride-hail app services not only endanger passengers, they continue to violate their drivers as well, failing to provide a living wage and offering no benefits that are standard for most employees in any other industry."

"I’ve spoken to transportation and employment experts in the course of my research," she continued. "These companies are very clearly (and knowingly) in the wrong. The control that ride-hailing services exercise over their drivers defines them as employees; these drivers deserve to be treated fairly."