The Philadelphia Eagles-Carolina Panthers Week 7 matchup got off to a tumultuous start as safeties Malcolm Jenkins and Eric Reid continued their feud on the sidelines. The altercation happened before the opening kickoff when Eric Reid ran onto the field during the coin toss. He and Eagles' captain Malcolm Jenkins, who was at the 50-yard line overseeing the toss, have been mired in a war of words ever since the Panthers' safety withdrew from the Player's Coalition.

A Panther's assistant, former Eagles' former wideout Torrey Smith, and several other Panther's players had to restrain Reid from going "full Howizter" on Malcolm Jenkins, who up until recently had given Eric Reid a vote of confidence through the media.

Later in the first quarter, Eric Reid took out his frustration on Eagles' quarterback Carson Wentz, slamming him to the ground after he'd passed the ball off to a tailback. The excessive contact was then met with derision from Wentz's teammates, Zach Ertz in particular, the tight end haphazardly charging Reid who was quick enough to displace the incoming threat with a hip toss.

Eric Reid signed on to play with the Carolina Panthers following an injury to starting safety Da'Norris Searcy. Despite the distraction, the Panthers were able to hold on and win the game by a close score of 21-17.