Shortly after the shooting that injured Lil Reese in Chicago, news of another Hip-Hop related shooting has surfaced. According to HipHopDX, up-and-coming rapper and Paper Route Empire signee Kenny Muney was reportedly shot at in Atlanta while at an intersection near the Atlantic Station retail district. Fortunately, reports reveal that Muney was "alert, conscious and breathing" once taken to a nearby hospital, and since his injuries were not life-threatening, he was subsequently released. 

Once police arrived on the scene, they found the Memphis native shot in both his hip and elbow, and upon questioning, Muney explained that he was at an intersection when someone in a vehicle started shooting at him.

According to HipHopDX, police have been unable to identify any suspects, but they did find that there were "nine defects from being struck by bullets" in Muney's grey Mercedes-Benz, 22 shell casings scattered at the scene, and a Glock 19 in Muney's car. Furthermore, reports show that Muney also rammed his car into the side of another vehicle during the shooting, causing additional damages.

A witness on site reportedly described the shooting as a "bit scary" due to the "bullets flying," and they went on to say, "I don’t know exactly what happened, but I honestly believe from what I saw it was kind of like a cut-off or some kind of an incident, maybe he tapped them or something, and it was just over a car dispute."

Having already been shot on two separate occasions in 2018, this incident marks another life-threatening situation for Young Dolph's rising artist. Luckily, Kenny Muney is expected to make a full recovery.