The ongoing Jackass drama involving Bam Margera has elicited a response from Paramount. The stunt star was recently booted from the latest of the longstanding franchise that helped make him famous, but he isn't going down without a fight. We previously reported that Margera was accused of threatening Jackass director Jeff Tremaine and Tremaine's family. A restraining order was issued against Margera and later, he filed a lawsuit against his former friends.

It was claimed that Margera broke his sobriety contract set in place by production and that is why he was nixed from the forthcoming film. Deadline reports that Paramount has responded to Margera's lawsuit, calling it "baseless."

Bam Margera
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“His claims seeking to enjoin Jackass Forever improperly target Defendants’ protected speech and are precluded as a matter of law,” a motion reportedly reads. “This Court should strike them.”

“Separate and apart from its legal insufficiency, Margera’s complaint is riddled with outright lies: Margera alleges that [Johnny] Knoxville, Tremaine, and [Spike] Jonze accosted him in a rehab facility and browbeat him into signing a draconian sobriety contract (they did not, infra at II.A); that he was fraudulently induced and coerced into signing his talent agreement with Paramount (he was not, infra at II.C); that Paramount hired a doctor who forced him to take a 'cocktail of pills' that Paramount supposedly prescribed for him against his will (that is absurd and never happened, infra at II.B); that he complied with the Wellness Program (he breached it, infra at II.D); and that he was terminated for taking Adderall, which he claims was prescribed for him (it was not—he admitted that he bought it off the street—infra at II.D),” stated court documents.

Jackass Forever was slated for release earlier this year and then was delayed to this month before being pushed back to the Spring of 2022.

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