Gayle King had a dramatic interview with R. Kelly, his two girlfriends and now one of the girlfriends' parents. Azriel Clary's mother and father, Alice and Angelo, sat down with CBS to discuss their daughter's relationship with the disgraced singer and how they think their 21-year-old fooled them from the very beginning.

When Azriel was 17, her parents gave her permission to go on tour with R. Kelly hoping it would help her career as an aspiring singer. Years later, Alice and Angelo haven't heard from their daughter which has led them to believe she's being brainwashed.  

Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

“I feel like I failed my daughter because I should have saw different signs,” her father said. “I should have saw the change in my baby girl instead of the love that we instilled in her, that she was showing us and putting on a charade. So guess what? We can take responsibility. But to the world, how much responsibility did R. Kelly take?” Angelo added: "He's the problem. He doesn't have a sickness, he made a choice." Watch the full clip here

In other R. Kelly news, another one of his ex-girlfriend's have come forward claiming that he pulled her hair out and whipped her when she didn't do what he wanted. Read the details here