She came out swinging at reports that she'd attempted suicide, but Daily Mail has released audio of emergency responders making their way to the 20-year-old's Los Angeles home. Ever since the two-part Leaving Neverland documentary aired on HBO, people have kept a close eye on the Jackson family, particularly Michael Jackson's children. The late pop star has a long history of sexual assault and child molestation accusations, but this recent Dan Reed documentary featuring Wade Robson and James Safechuck has reignited the flame. The two men go into uncomfortable details about how the King of Pop allegedly molested them, and it has divided the music industry, both fans and professionals, alike.

Jackson's daughter Paris was just a young child when many of these accusations came to light, so now that she is an adult, people want to know her thoughts about the controversy surrounding her father's legacy. Gossip sites have continued the narrative that Paris is in the midst of an out of control drinking and drug binge, and just recently it was reported that she attempted to take her own life.

Paris snapped back at the reports, saying that she doesn't have a substance abuse problem and she never attempted suicide. However, Daily Mail claims that they have a copy of emergency responders making their way through Tinsel Town to Paris' home following a 911 call.

In the audio clip, someone says that the person is "a possible VIP" and although the call is classified as an emergency, the fire department isn't alerted. The Blast previously reported that Paris slit her wrists, a claim that the young star adamantly denies. Paris' siblings Michael, 22, and Blanket, 17, have kept silent about the documentary.