The daughter of the late King of Pop has been granted a temporary restraining order against a 23-year-old man named Nicholas Stevens. The "temporary" part means that the alleged stalker will not be allowed to come near her until the 24th of July.

Jackson apparently became aware of Stevens upon leaving the recording studio with a member of her band. Stevens is said to have told Jackson that he'd waited outside the building for 15 hours in the preceding week. In general, Stevens is reported to have been explicit and proud about stalking Jackson, refusing to leave and mentioning "a shotgun" and saying that "by midnight it will all be over." Apparently though, it did not end at midnight, with Stevens tweeting on July first and claiming that he is her "soulmate."

Aside from the stalker drama, Jackson's grandfather Joe recently passed away. There were rumours that, at the funeral, Paris had an argument with another famous member of the Jackson clan: Janet. She was quick to dispel these rumours on twitter, saying that her and Janet hadn't argued in "6 years," signing off with a "f**k off" to the people speculating about petty drama in the wake of her grandfather's death.